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January 2009

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evilekeeper in foodismyscience

*pokes at the community*

It's been a while!

I wanted to tell you guys that I received two food books for Christmas: The China Study and Good Calories, Bad Calories. Both are controversial in their topics: no animal protien diet practically cures cancer and simple carbs and exercise are the culprits of obesity, respectively. I have not got to read them yet, but I hope to get to it soon. *shakes her fist at college* Have any of you read them yet?

Speaking of college, while buying my books my eyes glanced over to see a book called Holy Anorexia. The book depicts nuns and other females of the church in earlier centuries not eating as a source of piety. The book also compares the anorexics of then and now. I thought the premise was very fascinating and anyone with an interest in eating disorders might like the book. I'm going to read it later after I read my presents!

I'm also applying to the college of dietetics at my college, I'm really nervous since they only let 18 into the program each year! I have to wait until April 1st (irony?) to find out if I'm in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

I really would like to see this community thrive, any suggestions?


DOes your program have a combined internship/undergrad or grad program? That might be why there are limited numbers and you have to wait. I think official internship match day is sometime in mid-April though.

Good luck!!!!
It's a coordinated program so part of our class time is spent in hospitals and food service areas. We're supervised the whole time.
Are you in a coordinated program, or do you have an intership at the end?