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January 2009

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evilekeeper in foodismyscience

Eating Habits

Since starting on your food education how has your eating habits changed? 

I have been trying to eat the least processed foods that I can. I've totally cut out all forms of pop/soda. I read my labels to make sure there is no high fructose corn syrup or MSG's. No more artificial sweeteners too. 


I'm in my senior year, and it was a slow transition over the 4 years, gaining a lot of momentum last year (because I was in charge of all my shopping - no more college dining plan).

I eat a LOT more veggies and fiber. More seeds, nuts and beans. Whole grain everything, seriously cut back on meat - I only order it now on restaurant visits which are rare. I also try to eat local, fresh organic things whenever possible. I live on a farm in the summer so that helps a lot! Like you, no more soda or processed foods when I can avoid them.

I love food and eating, though, even though it might sound like I'm "strict" with what I eat. There are still SO many options when you stop eating junk foods! I want to help everyone learn that. :-)
Yeah even vegans have a large variety to choose from! It's amazing how people think that cutting out amimal products or junk food means that you have nothing to eat. I think I eat more of a variety now than I ever did as a child.
its horrible.
trying to eat healthy on campus is hard, there is nothing but fast food :(

Ugh I feel you there! Everything after about 7pm here is deep fried! At 10pm you can only get Taco Bell and KFC.